/greIt/ adjective VERY GOOD
1 spoken
a) very good; excellent: We had a great time at the fair. | You can come after all? Great! | It's great to see you again!
b) used when you really think that something is not good, satisfactory or enjoyable at all: “Daniel's cancelled the party.” “Oh great!”
2 IN GOOD HEALTH feeling well and happy: I feel great this morning!
a) considered to be one of the best in the world and therefore admired by many people: a great work of art | one of the greatest boxers of all time
b) able to do something well
(+ at): Joanna's great at chess.
4 the greats the most famous and successful performers, especially in sport or entertainment: the all-time greats: Charlie Chaplin is one of the all-time cinema greats.
5 be no great shakes to not be very good or skilful: Alex thinks he's an ace at tennis, but he's no great shakes.
6 VERY SUITABLE informal to be very useful or suitable for something
(+ for): This knife's great for peeling vegetables.
7 go great guns informal to do something very fast and successfully: Their campaign began slowly, but now they're going great guns.
8 great care/pleasure/strength etc a lot of care etc: Take great care with those glasses. | It gives me great pleasure to introduce tonight's speaker.
9 a great deal a lot: I've travelled a great deal.
(+ of): I have a great deal of work right now.
10 a great number/quantity/extent etc a very large number etc: Agnes survived the accident and went on to live to a great age. (=she was very old when she died) | the great many (=very many) | the great majority (=almost all): a proposal supported by the great majority of members
11 great friend/admirer etc a very good friend, a very keen admirer etc
12 be a great one for writing/sailing/football etc BrE to enjoy writing, sailing, football etc very much: Adam's a great one for football - he never misses a match.
13 a great talker/reader etc someone who enjoys doing a lot of talking, reading etc
14 VERY LARGE very large and impressive: The great northern plain is divided by two rivers. | a great herd of buffalo
—see big
15 great big/stupid/fat etc spoken used to emphasize how big, stupid etc something or someone is: They live in a great big house.
16 huge/enormous great BrE spoken used to emphasize how big something is: There's a huge great spider in the bath.
17 IMPORTANT (only before noun) especially important or serious: a great state occasion | the great political issues of our time
18 the great advantage of/the great thing about the most important advantage of something: The great thing about nylon is that it's extremely tough.
19 HAVING INFLUENCE having a lot of influence or power as a result of what you have achieved: We must strive to make our country great again. | the great man himself
20 the Great used in the name or title of someone or something to show their importance: King Alfred the Great
21 the great and the good formal or humorous people who are considered important
22 great-grandmother/great-grandfather etc the grandmother etc of one of your parents
23 great-granddaughter/great-nephew etc the granddaughter, nephew etc of your child
24 Great Scott/Great Heavens! old-fashioned used to express surprise
25 Greater used before the name of a city to mean the city and its outer areas: Greater Manchester
26 be great with child biblical to be pregnant
— greatness noun (U)

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.


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